your friendly neighborhood coyote

have any snacks?

I don't believe you have no snacks

hmph. I'm leaving


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6 thoughts on “your friendly neighborhood coyote

  1. Cool photos.
    Gasp. Mariser, you live in a fantastically scenic area. I love the open spaces.
    Yeah, got coyotes in my ‘hood too. Ayeeeerrrwooowooowooo!
    Just lay off the kitty snacks thanks!

  2. well, these were taken in Death Valley. not where I live, sadly (or luckily). this lovely fellow/gal, just trotted up to the car and sat waiting.
    I’m guessing some tourists does not follow the rule of “do not feed animals in the park”

  3. *sigh* We were told over and over again in Minnesota not to feed the wild animals: it would ruin whatever natural caution the animals had in the presence of humans, and encourage them to approach people, not always in friendly ways.

    But that is a pretty she-coyote. Hope you aren’t getting hit by flash floods or heavy rains like the rest of Southern Cali.

  4. Coyotes are most awesome critters. However, they did get your license plate number and will be deciding how to handle your next visit in an upcoming meeting.

    I recommend bringing some snacks. *ahem*

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