Hooooover Dam

Sailor Babo wanted to jump over the dam


stopped just in time

damn those easy-to-grab fleecy foots


see the entire set


9 thoughts on “Hooooover Dam

    • I meant that when someone jumps off the dam, it takes hours and hours for the authorities to arrive from some podunk town if the body washes up on the AZ side. Whereas on the NV side, someone can get out there from Vegas pretty easily.

      Or so a park ranger told me when she saw my CSI shirt.

  1. Did you do the interior tour of the dam? I’ve always wanted to do that but we were always in a hurry to get to Vegas or back so I’ve never stopped other than to get out and take photos.

    It looks like you got out and walked over the new bridge? I haven’t been up there since it opened up a month or two ago.

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