reason # 348 why I never had children

mortal fear they’d turn up like this one:

what. a. little. snit.


13 thoughts on “reason # 348 why I never had children

  1. Just imagine this guy all grown up (physically) and going to college. He’ll probably complain his textbooks are too heavy to carry to class and he shouldn’t have to sit on a hard plastic seat because it hurts his butt. But it’s the parents who dictate how the kid is going to turn out. They’ve probably convinced him he’s the most specialush little boy in the whole wide world and he’s entitled to everything his little black heart desires.

    I seriously doubt any child of yours, biological or adopted, would turn out like that.

  2. Too bad this kid wasn’t spanked early and often. Too late now, the entitlement infection is fully set in and likely incurable.

    I feel certain you wouldn’t allow your kid to get away with it.

    (except P.Hank)

    I feared having a kid who was stupid and unimaginative.

  3. haha! well, kids this young are usually little carbon copies of their parents when they talk like this, so my guess is the crabapple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    oh yeah and HULK SMASH.

  4. The sad truth is, this kid is going to grow up and be a huge success in one of the many fields that require being a complete prick.

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