happy 2011, kittens!

may 2011 rocketh as much as 2010 sucketh

Sailor Babo wishes you health, cookies, and dancing!

Dance, Sailor Babo, Dance!


15 thoughts on “happy 2011, kittens!

  1. b/c I can never see your photos right (I’ve tried 2 different browsers), I didn’t see SB at all, but I thought, “wow the first and second figure really look like Babos sans hat!” then I clicked on it and it was even better!

    hope you, LK, the kitties, and SB have an excellent 2011.

  2. y’all don’t want to know how many tries it took to get that pic right (too many)
    it was way up on a cliff and I’m too short. ended up making teh LK scramble up there and hold up SB. and then crop, crop, crop.

    question to m-dashes and HG (and anyone else who shows up): do you have the same problem seeing pics in this blog as LurkerType does?

    • Normally, I don’t have problems seeing your pics, but this one as inserted in the post appeared cropped with no SB in it till I clicked on the pic and got the longer version.

      Happy New Year, Mariser and Lord K, and all your kitties.

      • I think it might have something to do with screen resolution. On my screen, SB is cropped out until I click. On Mariser’s he shows up.

  3. Your pictures don’t show up for me when I look at your posts on Google Reader. All I get there is a very brief summary of your post (other people’s posts show up in their entirety). I can see everything if I click on the post link and actually come to your site, though.

    • ah, thanks. I think the G-reader thing has to do with how I set the feed from WP. but you can see the pics ok if you come to WP.

      • I get instant updates on yer blog via email: the pictures don’t show up in the email, but like M—–l, once I’m on your blogpage, I can see everything.

        When I started out on WP, I had trouble seeing some people’s photos and comments, but the WP elves told me to make sure I had cookies enabled in my browser (Firefox 6.0) and voila! I see all now.

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