NYE at my house


sitting on the couch

nursing our 4th (5th) ‘enhanced’ eggnog

watching Anderson and Kathy’s NYE Spectacular

that’s how we roll, biatches


Happy New Year 2011 to y’all wherever you are.   may 2011 rocketh as much as 2010 sucketh.


11 thoughts on “NYE at my house

  1. We still have just over two hours left here on the Left Coast. I’m drinking a Coke, no enhancements, just to stay awake. :p

    Happy New Year to you too, mariser.

  2. time to start enhancing that coke. otherwise you may miss the ringing of the bells.
    hope the new year brings you rabbit’s luck

  3. Yeah, we watched the Anderson & Kathy countdown…as usual, everybody was a little out of sync…SIX! FOUR! FIVE! THREE! *fireworks go off* TWO! HAPPY NEW YEAR! ONE!

    Happy New Year to both of yuz…hope your heads aren’t pounding too much this AM… :-)

  4. We watched Galaxy Quest and Short Circuit while eating popcorn and drinking tea and cocoa. We’re not even cool enough to roll. We just … sit. ;)

  5. Happy new year! I got to hold hands with a screaming child and listen to the fireworks and the party next door. Some day things around here will be a bit more like at Chez Mariser. :) May this next year be a wonderful one for you and yours.

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