victims killed in the Tucson shooting


check the interactive feature in the NYT for more information on each of the victims. spare a moment of grace for mr. Stoddard who threw himself upon his wife to shield her from the shooter – she survived with a wound to the leg.


3 thoughts on “victims killed in the Tucson shooting

  1. ‘god’ bless them each and every one. I hope they know that we will struggle to become better humans without them and they are at peace.

  2. I was really saddened by some of the comments left on our local online newspaper re the victims. Either people have taken leave of their senses (if they had any to begin with) or have to turn everything into an anti-Obama/anti-liberal rant.

    There’s probably no comforting their families right now: but I hope at the very least this leads to keying down the glorification of firearms and the gun-centered rhetoric among the right wing.

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