if your cat is not in this chart…

…the furry little one rubbing against your legs is an alien in disguise. trying to collect your DNA.

click a few times for maximum embbigement and enjoyment.

catstut6.jpeg JPEG Image, 3200×2400 pixels.

if your cat isn't here, you have an alien on a furry coat living in your house.

check out the website of Joumana Medlej, the designer. really good


12 thoughts on “if your cat is not in this chart…

  1. That’s an awesome chart!

    Mine were easy to find, but I’m still not convinced they’re not aliens.

  2. I found Chun’s easy enough, but I didn’t know there were different types of lynx points. Not sure what he qualifies as. Like Laurie, I’m not convinced that he’s not at least part alien, though.

    So Ping’s color pattern is called “mask and mantle”? The mantle of kingship. How fitting!

  3. I love the terminology – “mask and mantle”, “cap and saddle” “necklaces” (I think Chun has a few of those), “marbled tabby”, “mackerel tabby”.

    and this chart only covers coloring – not floofiness, lenght of hair, whether coat is silky, plush, thin, thick…

  4. Eddy appears to be on here (a van cat)–personally, I think “white cat with racoon tail and ears” needs a special name.

    That said, I’m not 100% sure he’s not an alien.

  5. So what are the “only two” colors that exist in cats?

    I have a friend who swore that, if you shaved a cat, you’d find scales. I think she meant “snake” rather than “alien,” but the concept is the same, I guess.

    • if I’m reading the chart correctly, the two colors are eumelanin (black) and phaeomelanin (red). furthermore, white is not a color, but a suppression of the color gene. I *guess* that applies not only to cats who are entirely white but also to any white areas/patches in an individual cat.

      never seen a cat completely shaved, just partially like for surgery or similar, haven’t seen scales. just greyish or pinkish flesh. maybe the cat your friend is referring too is half-dragon.

  6. sooo many torties/calicos…

    I would like to un-promote the fancy stupid French names over on the right and strike a blow for the simple, evocative “cow kitty”.

    I found all the Miao Brothers!

    and now I must go feed a tuxedo.

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