“Born This Way”

“Born This Way” Blog

I love this blog.  it makes me happy to see all these beautiful, confident, strong kids.  like all kids should be.

dancing to his own music



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  1. [this is fabulous!]

    I was lucky enough to be an ice-skater as a kid. so while I didn’t entirely understand “gay”, I learned that they were the wonderful, funny, thoughtful, talented, sweet ones who always had time and a kind word for us little’uns.

    There is nothing on Earth gayer than a gay figure skater, and nothing on Earth straighter than a straight one (as you can imagine, the straight ones cut quite a swath).

    So it doesn’t seem odd to me that people of different sexualities do the same stuff. We all wear the same sequins.

  2. You had me up until the poop in the bucket and feed it tot eh dog thing. that was something I think every kid did. Um, right? Anyone? Buehler?

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