here we go, Steelers, here we go!

the Steelers are SuperBowl bound!



party on, Steeler Nation, party on


5 thoughts on “FUCK YEAH STEELERS

  1. I was rooting for them too, but I don’t dare mention that to any of my Wisconsin friends, who assume I am rooting for the Packers. But this Super Bowl is gonna be tough. I love both teams. And it’s always been the practice in my household that every time the opposing team scores a touchdown, I have to take a swig of whatever alcohol’s in front of me. So what am I going to do? Drink every time each team scores one?

      • Hangovers is the problem….I don’t handle them well anymore. I guess I never did, but vomiting seems so undignified when you’ve reached a certain age.

        • I hear that.

          You’ll have to go with the coin toss and pick a side. Or else go with low-alcohol booze, but what fun is that?

          Sure, I drank 3.2 beer in college, but I was a kid. Nowadays I’d just be spending all the time in the bathroom with anything that weak, and that means you either miss some of the game, or some of the special Super Bowl commercials. I don’t drink Bud, but I love the horsie ads.

          We and the BFFs often get together with our giant TV, whomp up some chips and dips and such and enjoy the ads and halftime. The TiVo did get a workout from the boys that year Janet Jackson had the “wardrobe malfunction”.

          • Low-alcohol booze is like decaf coffee. What’s the point of drinking either if the benefits are missing?

            I love the Budweiser clydesdales. I’m really glad they gave up the frogs and Spuds McKenzie, who encouraged stupid dog owners to give their dogs beer. (I saw this at a Super Bowl barbecue and could not believe how the owner was doubled over laughing while his dog threw up in the kitchen.)

            The year of the halftime wardrobe malfunction, I went out with girlfriends to watch a movie and have dinner at a nice restaurant while the boys ate brats and chips and watched the game. My GFs reported however that when they each got home to their respective spouses, the guys all had an odd look on their faces. One friend accused her husband of watching porn instead of the game, and he said, “You could be right.”

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