Yellow cardinals

Rare yellow cardinals spotted in Boyle county 

yellow cards



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18 thoughts on “Yellow cardinals

    • apparently is a genetic mutation. mutant cardinals!
      be nice to see how they do over the next decades. evolution in action!

  1. WOW! I’ve never seen such a thing. Could it be an engineered cross between a papaya and cardinal… you never know.

    • You might be close! Apparently yellow appears in cardinals when they’ve been eating foods with a lot of carotenoids in them. Those would be carrots, yep! and citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes.

      It seems logical, since it occurs in a number of birds. I remember as a kid being told flamingos won’t stay pink unless they eat shrimp, which contains a pink pigment in their shells.

  2. Gor-geous! Never seen one–did see something smaller the same shade of yellow once. Told myself it was an oriole at the time, although I’ve never seen one again.

  3. SUPER cool! I LOVE bird watching and this is SO interesting! (sorry to be yelling…I’m excited!) :)

  4. So pretty! How fun! I didn’t know they came in any other colors, either. It’s like winning the Golden Ticket for birdwatching!

  5. Well. Now we know what the DOT workers were doing when they were supposed to be painting yellow lines up on Main Street.

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