the Oscars in bullet form

  • meh
  • raw display of Anglophilia
  • Banksy was robbed
  • True Grit was robbed
  • eh
  • wish I had a bit of the weed James Franco had
  • with four of the five director nominees having solid tracks, and two (Aronofski and Fincher) doing what is widely considered their best work, and Christopher Nolan (not even a nominee) doing the dazzling Inception the Oscar goes to… Tom Hooper?  for a period drama?
  • they asked Obama what his favorite Oscar-winning song is and he didn’t say Theme from Shaft?  I call shenanigans
  • matter of fact, Theme from Shaft is the correct answer.  for any question
  • somebody needed to sit on Anne Hathaway
  • or give her some of what James Franco was enjoying
  • Annette Bening was robbed
  • meh
  • whose idea was to bring out Kirk Douglas and make him talk?
  • they need shot
  • tackiest ending ever

18 thoughts on “the Oscars in bullet form

  1. I actually thought Kirk Douglas had died. OMG. I was so confused for a few seconds until he was on screen. But as hard as it was to decipher what he was saying, he was more comfortable up there and funnier than most.
    The whole thing was rather blah. I don’t know what they were thinking with the hosts. They did okay I guess but the producers need to remember that this isn’t the freaking MTV awards (not that anyone watches MTV or do they?)and give today’s youth a little credit. They’re either gonna tune in, or not depending on who’s nominated, and for the fashions, not the hosts. Maybe next year Sailor Babo should host.

    • I knew Kirk had had a massive, massive stroke a few years ago. couldn’t walk, talk, etc. yay for him, but it would have been nice to have a co-presenter, someone to help him read all the nominees and their movies. his son Michael would have been a good choice.

      I liked last year co-hosts, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. why didn’t the producers go with them again, I don’t know.

      real sucky night for True Grit: 0 for 10.

  2. There were inane bits dropped in at the 2-hour + length that just seemed to be timewasters which are the last thing you want to do when this thing has dragged on for 2 hours already. Billy Crystal was just a reminder of what bad choices Anne and James were (though they are lovely actors). And for the love of dog, several minutes on ABC and the Oscars re-upping their broadcast contract. No one in the world needs to see that announced on that show, sucking up time. Very bad decisions made in producing this. Holy cow.

    • several minutes on ABC and the Oscars re-upping their broadcast contract

      I had walked away from the TV and came back in the middle of that bit. I was like who the fuck are those people before I realized they were suits. definitely a waste of time.

      they left Corey Haim out of the In Memoriam. dude.

      • I didn’t get the kids chorus. and “over the Rainbow”? pleeez
        the kids themselves were lovely, of course, but why PS22 from Staten Island? don’t they have school chorales in the LA area?

    • same as Mariser, I came in a little late on the ABC contract thing, and was like…okay, who are these people?
      Also, Kirk didn’t read the nominees, thankfully, I did pay attention to that, they had a voiceover for that. Michael Douglas would have been a good choice but he’s not in the best health right now either if I remember correctly.
      I missed the kids at the end, I was watching Eastenders.

  3. True Grit was robbed, but then the Coen Brothers had won Best Picture already for No Country for Old Men and Best Screenplay for Fargo. I haven’t seen The King’s Speech so I can’t judge if it was un-Oscar-worthy, but it had all the tags of an Oscar winner—British, Colin Firth as leading man and Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter for supporting actors, and an inspiring storyline with featuring royals and World War II in the background.

    My younger daughter was at Pixar tonight for their Academy Awards party. I’m sure she was rooting for Toy Story 3, which got best animated film award anyway. But it was just an awful show in general, bad hosts, tacky stage design, awful, awful renditions of music scores. Too bad. Now it’s time to hit the bottle and get ready for bed.

    • the thing is, for me, that the “actor in a main role award” were backwards. last year the winner should have been Colin Firth for his exquisite performance in “A Single Man” and this year Jeff Bridges should have won for his Rooster Cogburn. I feel that Bridges’ performance last year in “Crazy Heart” was a bit, well, hokey, and it was mostly a rehash of the earlier and superior performance of Robert Duvall in “Tender Mercies”.
      I have not seen “The King’s Speech”, as I’m highly allergic to striving and inspirational movies – I am also troubled by the movie’s whitewashing (whether unconscious or intentional) of the Nazi sympathies of the once (Edward VII) and future (George VI) kings

  4. I think Jeff Bridges was good last year, so he won the “we like you and your career” award. (Seriously, Paul Newman was a great actor, but The Color of Money? Meh). Oh, and Whoopi Goldberg and Cher have acting Oscars, but Glenn Close doesn’t.

    But it’s the Oscars, so it’s expected to be different.

    I was working OT, but following on Twitter and imdb. My highlights were my Canadian friend Emily tweeting an apology for Celine Dion on behalf of all of Canada, and somebody retweeting Kevin Smith begging Trent Reznor to sing “Fuck You Like an Animal” while holding his Oscar.

    Sounds like I was okay to miss this year.

    • Seriously, Reznor sounded like the most poised accepter of the night.

      Since Celine has been spends the vast amount of her time in Vegas for many years and couldn’t be bothered to make a live appearance at the Vancouver Olympics, I’ve stopped apologizing for her as a Canadian and consider her, her weird husband and her multiple sprogs officially yours now. But it appears we may be taking weird Dennis Quaid off your hands. Good trade.

    • Tom sez, Jeff Bridges was good last year, so he won the “we like you and your career” award

      true dat. the Oscars have used the WLYAYC move often – this is the rare (only?) occasion the previous-year recipient came back this year with a much better performance.

      heh, I was at home with the TV on and still was following on Twitter and Tumblr – so much fun to follow the snark on real-time

      • I was watching on TV, following the live snark on Deadline Hollywood Daily, a film industry news blog, and watching a barn owlbox webcam all at the same time. It would have been intolerable to just watch the show, it was so bad.

  5. I’m very glad I recorded it and didn’t start watching till after it was over so I could skim through it quickly.

    was hoping Alec Baldwin and Billy Crystal and Hugh Jackman would liberate the stage and perform a host coup. Kirk Douglas is still a pro, he made me smile. He’s like 90 and uses a cane and has trouble talking, but he was funny.

    poor Anne Hathaway tried so, so hard.

    I did enjoy Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. and Sorkin timing his speech perfectly to end on a guinea pig joke.

    my cheezburger was excellent, though.

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