a day for pi



from our friends at w00t



all the pi you can eat

happy pi day!



so, what’s your favorite pi(e)?


8 thoughts on “a day for pi

  1. Yay for pi! Fresh peach or strawberry is my favorite, but given they’re only available in the summer, I’ll take French silk today. And maybe in honor of the day, I’ll try to calculate the circumference after measuring the diameter. (C = ╥ x D!)

  2. Coconut cream pie, but only if it has a proper pastry crust, none of that graham cracker crumb nonsense.

  3. I’ve met very few pies I didn’t like. If no fresh fruit, then chocolate. Or mebbe lemon meringue. Or punkin. Or pecan. Or…

    Area: pi r squared! (I actually did that when trying to figure out which pans to bake my cake in).

    • Oooh, LT should try lemon meringue with a shortbread crust! There’s a bakery in Toronto that makes them that way. Extra good.

  4. The only pie I don’t like is pumpkin. Sorry, fans. I bravely try it every year because it would be a shame to miss out on any pie in my life.

    If I weren’t so damned lazy, I’d make a blueberry pie right now. And eat it. All of it.

    Happy Pi(e) Day!!! Revel in the goodness!

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