sexay times

the animal kingdom gets their way with Isabella Rossellini. jealous!

don’t know if the films play outside the U.S.

find all at:


6 thoughts on “sexay times

  1. I think she did these back in 06, maybe 07? I was in a creative community (on-line) and somebody was on the production team. I always thought Mme. was bitchin’ but this made her even moreso.

    • whoa, back in ’06-’07? can’t believe I didn’t know about them until just now.
      so much good stuff being made it’s hard to keep up.

      Mme. is definitely bitchin’

    • she cracks me up. I’m not a biologist, but it looks like they get the science right up. I really like this deer one: “me? how about me? why not me?”.
      some of the marine ones are …indescribable.

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