the new normal

[overheard conversation, my house]

teh LK: don’t read about what happened in Bowling Green

teh me: what happened?

teh LK: there was a murder…don’t read about it

teh me: you know you have to tell me now. what happened? was an entire family killed? what?

teh LK: a 33-year-old woman killed a 21-year-old pregnant woman…

teh me: …and cut out her baby and tried to pass the baby as her own

teh LK: well, yeah. but you don’t want to read the details, seriously

teh me: one question: did she kill the pregnant woman before cutting out the baby or was she still alive?

teh LK: killed the pregnant woman first

teh me: could have been worse


15 thoughts on “the new normal

    • actually no. but I did watch Homicide: Life on the Streets faithfully while it was on, and then a few more times in DVD. it spoiled me against all other tv procedurals

  1. OMG, mariser! This makes me laugh. How dark are we?
    I’m sorry about the whole thing….but YOU are hilarious!

    • it’s awful that it does.
      maybe we need a PSA: To ladies in late pregnancy: if your friend who’s been trying to get pregnant for the last ten years suggests a walk in the woods… DON’T GO!

  2. LOL! Maybe LK still thinks you’re sweet and innocent.
    By the way, that Belgian dude who won the WEG is giving a showjumping clinic/masterclass 90 minutes from Ottawa this weekend! Amanda is riding in it with one of her up-and-coming horses. I’m going to watch, yay!

    • you’d think LK would know better by now.

      v. cool about the masterclass. hope Amanda does brilliantly, you have a great time watching, and get pictures.

  3. Yeahhhh…it’s bad that we’ve gotten to the stage of not being surprised at that happening. Doesn’t make it less horrible though. Still, that’s a funny exchange between you two :)

  4. I read about this story on one of the online news sites and it was baaaad. Really, horribly bad. I don’t want to think it approaches normal, even in this age.

    • oddly enough, I haven’t read about it. your reaction is pretty much the same as that of teh LK.
      I was being a bit sarcastic about “the new normal” – but not much.

    • did you see a segment on “I Survived…” about that? Same thing. fortunately she escaped from Crazy Beyotch and lived to have her baby girl.

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