I questioned myself

Q. self, could I care less about the royal wedding?

A. no, don’t think I could.

time to turn off all mass media sources until April 30th.


7 thoughts on “I questioned myself

  1. I asked myself this same question, and I provided the exact same answer. I have enough weddings occurring here not to give a shit about, so why bother with this one?

  2. Me nyther!
    I’m glad some are enjoying it, but I’m equally glad that I really don’t give it a passing thought. And for some reason I really haven’t been seeing much on the media.
    I’ve been lucky to have missed most of it.

    Brain tune-out!

  3. Someone who has more than a whiff of anglophile about her, sent me a Hello! magazine in the mail which I finally got round to flipping through.
    The couple were featured the cover and the first article. I turned the pages for other articles. Got to the end and there were no other articles,. The whole magazine was about them. So strange.
    I have trouble remembering their names, which is not a Good Thing.
    Wish we got a day off this Friday like the Brits are getting.

  4. Over a month ago, I stunned the coworkers when I said. “I thought that was already done.”

    Go figure.

    I’m not anti-royal, I’m anti-pop culture. Brother was talking about people yesterday and I finally said, “I’ve no idea who you’re talking about.” He proceeded to tell me songs they sing.

    I reminded him, “I haven’t listened to top 40 in about 30 years.”

    So, he came up with MORE songs they sing.

    “I’m not exaggerating. I DON’T KNOW WHO THE FUCK YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.”

    I really don’t. I may be missing geniuses but don’t give a crap. I’m busy enough with my own life. I don’t know how people find time.

  5. I don’t care about it exactly, but I do think they’re cute, and I’m impressed that it appears they’ve allowed Wills to choose his own wife (and NOT from some inbred, upper-crusty, “old” family), and that they may actually be happy together. So I wish them well.

  6. I feel kind of sorry for them. I remember the Diana Show and felt sorry for her, too (mostly for marrying Charles). I’ll be glad when it’s over for their sake.

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