birth, schmirth

on rare occasions I consider becoming a twitard.

The Onion is a major reason why


7 thoughts on “birth, schmirth

  1. Haha. But I thought the resurgence of that Birther crap by Trump was a joke anyway. The only bad thing he could bring up about Obama was that he hadn’t seen O’s birth certificate. And everyone knows that Hawaii isn’t really part of the United States, at least according to the Tea Baggers.

    • mu first reaction was disappointment. why release the long form birth certificate now, after refusing to do so before. it gives the appearance of ‘giving in’, which is not very presidential.

      and if O. thinks that will shut up the birthers and other assorted conspiracy theorists, well, he’d better sit down.
      I’m pretty sure foxnews won’t let the issue go away

  2. Getting caught up on some blog reading at lunchtime and that had me LMAO right here at work – loud! Also, props to SnoringKatz for “headweasel”! Must find an opportunity to use both next time Trump comes up in conversation.

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