Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden dead

Osama bin Laden is dead and his body has been recovered by U.S. authorities, U.S. officials said on Sunday night.

via Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden dead: U.S. officials | Reuters.

and how does President Obama feels about the news?

here’s an artistic interpretation:


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  1. I didn’t believe it at first. I guess I won’t believe until I see the body, which is morbid yes, but these last ten years it’s been like hunting the unicorn.

    Already on some news sites right-wing hawks are gloating about how they were correct about sticking it out in Iraq and Afghanistan, even though Bin Laden was found in Pakistan, our noble ally in the war. And W is happy dancing himself.

    • Bin Laden was found in Pakistan, our noble ally in the war.

      and if reports are true, bin Laden was near Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, not in the remote Waziristan area.

      • The CIA reports he was living in a huge compound in the suburbs of Islamabad. How could the Pakistani government and military NOT know this? And we were shipping boatloads of money and military aid to this country. WTF?

        • Hangaku, the disturbing truth is that most likely Pakistan was shielding Bin Laden. While I hope he really is dead, I have my doubts.

          Due to the friction between India and Pakistan, and both countries vying for good ties with the US, it looks as if Pakistan traded in Bin Laden to score brownie points. I know it probably sounds biased since I’m from India, but I am skeptical about his rather convenient death because the Pakistan government – especially under Musharraf – has been notoriously cagey when it comes to admitting their role in shielding terrorists, or their countrymens’ role in terror attacks. Two examples are of Ajmal Abdul Kasab (the lone terrorist captured after the 2008 attacks in Mumbai) and Dawood Ibrahim, a notorious Mumbai gangster who is wanted for arrest in India. It took months to get Pakistan to admit that Kasab is their citizen, and apparently Ibrahim is living in luxury in Pakistan, with Pakistani (and some Indian) celebrities even attending his childrens’ weddings! Such is the clout he holds that Pakistan has consistently refused to capture Ibrahim and hand him over to India.

          (Using a pseudonym here since I’m on a public page)

          • It’s not going to score them many brownie points since he was living there for so long. Nobody in the US (people or government) really likes or trusts the Pakistani government anyway, plus Pakistan has basically no economic involvement with the US, as opposed to India. So if they fell off the face of the earth, the US in general wouldn’t care.

        • Sorry – I shouldn’t have used that phrase “the disturbing truth”, since I obviously don’t know it! Just giving my spin on it based on the way things are in these parts.

          • My older daughter’s Indian in-laws said exactly what you said several months ago, and I confess I didn’t take it too seriously because I know they dislike Pakistan. But US foreign policy has a history of supporting dictators and frenemies—look at the Taliban and Afghanistan, which received millions of dollars from the Carter, Reagan and first Bush administrations before they turned on us. (And a number of analysts warned them the Taliban would.) It’s going to be interesting to see if the Obama administration will continue to support Pakistan now that bin Laden’s been killed.

            • Now that all the facts are out it turns out I was pretty much on the button!

              OBL was living in Abbottabad with a military cantonement 800 metres away! This has blown the cover off Pakistan’s duplicity. Indians are not surprised since we have been saying for years that he was living comfortably in Pakistan under the care of the military. Now that the truth is out, lets hope Pakistan is pressurised into handing over Dawood as well. (BTW, it turns out Dawood was the mastermind behind the Mumbai attacks.) And yes, I hope the Obama administration does make it clear that they won’t supporting the Pakistani government anymore.

              I can only hope that Osama’s death weakens the jihadi movement instead of making it even larger. So many mixed feelings but no complete relief…

    • That’s what I’m waiting for: the creative ways the right will try to spin this in their favor. It’s sure to be funny and pathetic and galling all at the same time.

      • John Boehner congratulated the Prez AND W. Because of course it was a Republican president who started the hunt for bin Laden, and followed him right into Iraq. Whups, he wasn’t there? Or the WMDs that Saddam was supposedly hiding? Well, that’s okay. Good riddance to him. Of course it extended the hunt for bin Laden by another nine years. But no one said the battle against evil was going to be easy.

        Eh. I’m beginning to sound too cynical. I need a drink.

  2. Osama Bin dead for a while now. He just didn’t know it. All I could picture was them cutting off his head and shipping out to Bush’s ranch so he could have it stuffed and mounted in his office. Maybe like one of sex doll poses so he could, oh, I dunno, play Hoss Cartright with it… Anyways, yeah, dead. ten years you say? Hmmm. Next?

  3. My paper was saying this morning that it’s a more symbolic action than anything — Bin Laden wasn’t realling running the Al Qaeda show any more anyhow, with all those offshoots in other countries.

    I’m appalled at the idea that they’ll show off his body in any way, but I’m sure it will happen. Even just an “official” photo in a coffin.

  4. I was delighted to hear he is dead.

    I, too, am very very skeptical about Pakistan’s involvement. I DO wish we did not have to “play nice” with people we know are full of crap. Karsai, Pakistan. But, nothing is simple.

    Dead is simple. :)

  5. And, go ahead, show pictures of his dead body. The actual body was already treated with more respect than Bin Laden ever showed any other human being. And I am proud of our government for that. I really am.

  6. i guess i feel somewhat relieved… but. Laurie is right.

    my guess is that the man has had very little to do with running Al Qaeda for the last several years, at very least.

    and i feel sickened by the celebrations that broke out last night. honestly, it reminded me of the way people have tended to turn public executions into spectator sports.

    we just proved that we’re no better than anyone else on the planet, especially not those we vilify.

    (just my .02-worth; i realize others’ opinions may differ, and i have no problem with that…)

  7. Pakistan has been a horrible ally and harbors most of the people we have been seeking out. Of the top 5 Al Queda leaders all 5 have been found in Pakistan. They are no friends to us.

  8. Pakistan is such a clusterf*ck of a country it wouldn’t surprise me at ALL if the gov’t/military had no clue where he was. I don’t think they’d have anything to gain from hiding him. And I think it should be pointed out, just to be fair, that they have lost THOUSANDS of innocent lives since 9/11 to terrorism and sectarian violence.

    Benefit of the doubt for Pakistan, I has it.

    • He lived in a town full of military and retired military, and had the biggest house in town, a fortified compound with no immediate neighbors and several rings of security. They knew he was there. Now, if they were afraid of spilling the beans for fear of more deaths in their country, that makes sense — he’s been a figurehead for some time and his underlings are running different branches of AQ, but still a powerful symbol — but it’s not like nobody had a suspicion who was in that house. It’s near the capital, for crying out loud, not off in the mountainous boonies. And the house has been there since 2005. The Pakistanis aren’t that stupid that they couldn’t figure it out.

      I’m sure if they’d wanted to, Pakistan could have pulled off a helicopter/ground raid. But they didn’t. We had to.

      I am extra-impressed with Obama. While this was all in motion Saturday night, he was joking around at the press dinner, poking fun at Trump, and giving no sign that he knew it was 24 hours till this would happen. I would not play poker against him. Everyone’s talking Royal wedding and raids on Libya and BOOM.

      • they knew: yep. I bet they know where a *lot* of other people are located, too.

        the thing is… i wish the US media wouldn’t portray all of Pakistan as jihadi-land. yes, there are lots of jihadis, but i bet they’re not in the majority. i feel badly for the people of Pakistan, as they have such a horrible government… and very little in the way of basic human rights, come to that.

        i doubt there would be much support for Al Qaeda in Pakistan if there wasn’t such a huge gap between the moneyed few and the impoverished rest of the population… it seems like so many developing countries have next to no “in between” – but i’d better get off the soapbox for now, i’m thinking.

        • I’m sure the average Pakistanis are perfectly good people. But their government doesn’t allow them to be.

          Is the world a little better now that OBL is not in it? Of course!

        • I felt that way when Pakistan had the horrible flooding. It was reported that aid wasn’t coming into Pakistan because of their harboring terrorists. And probably the great majority of the people flooded out know nothing about terrorists, OR their own government. They are just trying to farm the land and survive.

          • The government and the terrorists also blocked much of the aid that was trying to come in. So they could blame it on the West and keep their people under control and make money on the black market.

        • I agree, e. I was listening to a story on the BBC by a Pakistani journalist now working in London after his own government threatened to throw him and his family in prison for criticizing the military. He said the average citizen in Pakistan has virtually no power over what happens there, even though it’s supposed to be a democracy. Pakistan is ripe for a upheaval similar to Egypt’s and Libya’s, but its military has a lot more power than in these countries and wouldn’t hesitate to mow down civilians with tanks. So I feel bad about my initial comment here. The Pakistani government is bad, but not so its people.

          • oh hey… no worries, and I wasn’t responding to your comment.

            it just bugs the hell, out of me that the US media has been giving a super one-sided portrayal of Muslim countries – and Muslim people – ever since 9/11.

            I lived less that 4 miles from the Pentagon at that time, fwiw. You had “retaliatory” stabbings of Sikhs on the West Coast; we had death threats made over the phone to little kids (in one case, the 5-year-old daughter of a family of Afghan immigrants who owned a restaurant in D.C.).

            And going a bit further back, I remember Muslim friends being truly shocked and horrified in 1998, when Al Qaeda set off bombs in Kenya – killing and wounding East African Muslims, mostly (includes children).

            Terrorism is never the answer.

      • Yeah but think about all of the crap that goes on right under our govts noses that they don’t know about and we aren’t a clusterfuck of a country with regular attacks on our soil. They have their hands full. But who knows? I read that the neighbors assumed they were drug dealers. Good point about why they might have an interest in hiding him.

  9. So, like, this is the second time he’s died, right? Pretty sure there were reports of dead Osama back in 12 /2001. This time they must’ve killed Zombie bin Laden. Brains!

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