NC and NC!NC!NC! cover The Zombies She’s not There

its NC to the NC power


10 thoughts on “NC&NC

  1. Love it. Another version of this song I enjoy is on the Kill Bill Volume 2 soundtrack. Real slow and spooky.

    • ah, that’s really interesting. I had to look up the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack and found this:

      “About Her” by Malcolm McLaren “samples” The Zombies’s song “She’s Not There” and Bessie Smith from the movie “St. Louis Blues”

      now I have to find the song

  2. Ooh – I had the song wrong but the Zombies right! Glad you liked it, it’s my favorite tune on my movie soundtrack.

      • Ah, thanks for clearing that up! For a moment I was confused as to whether “About Her” and “She’s Not There” was the same song. Before I could listen side-by-side I had to get back to work. :-)

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