cat health question

Steven E. has a scratch on the inside of his top lip
(we think – he wasn’t happy about our attempts at examining it)

lip is slightly swollen, no discharge, no fever – he’s not listless, acts normal.

I can’t decide if I need to take him to the vet. I’m thinking that cleaning the scratch with peroxide and/or applying an antibiotic ointment would take care of it – but since the scratch is on the inside of the lip, I worry he may ingest some of the peroxide/antibiotic.

what doth you peeps sayeth? any experience treating this kind of cut?


10 thoughts on “cat health question

  1. Good timing! Ken was home for lunch!
    He said if it’s just a scratch it should heal up just fine on it’s own. No need to put anything on it.
    Just watch it…sometimes they get bigger and develop into an ulcer type thing that might require a vet visit.

    But for now it should be fine to let it be.

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  3. I’ve always heard that if they act fine, you should assume they are fine.

    As far as treatment… if you really want to apply something, you could do peroxide and/or ointment with a qtip… that way the distribution & ingestion would be limited. or maybe call a vet for advice – they’re usually good about that.

    • qtip! great idea. I’ll keep that in mind if I medicate the scratch.

      since Stevie is fine, we’ll just keep monitoring.

  4. I’d worry if it might be from another cat’s claws… so keep an eye. So glad we have Mr. Larui around!

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