WP problem

am I the only one that cannot see “My Subscriptions”? I have not been able to for over a day now.

(and of course, if everyone else has the same problem, they won’t be able to see/reply to this post. d’Oh)


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  1. My Subscriptions are off-kilter for me — it looks like they’re not there, but if I scroll over to the right, there they are. Try scrolling left or right or down. When WP does some changes, the My Subscriptions page often goes askew for a few days till they sort it. A number of us have had this before, and once in a while it will go a day or so and won’t load at all, but it always comes back.

    • they may be off-kilter for me too. I tried scrolling up and down and using the in the keyboard to move left/right, but no luck.
      I reckon I just need to wait a day or two until the WP peeps work out the kinks.

  2. mine has been fine, though I do think they tweaked something because (I forget already since I left the page) I believe it fills the whole page now instead of having shizz on the left side.

  3. Mine is way off to the right again, but so far I haven’t had the problem of being able only to get to the Freshly Pressed page.

  4. I see mine fine once, then it’ll only be one person for an entire month! So, yeah. They’re doing something. If I reload the page, it’ll be fine again.

    That’s me. I’ve experienced the “need to scroll all the way down and then over to the far right” before, too.

    They are making other changes, like now after posting, it’s giving you more post content ideas, like QoTD.

  5. well, I have an update:
    I cant’ even see “Freshly Pressed” now.

    but know I know it’s some kind of FF 5.0 but, because everything looks fine on Chrome.

    maybe I should switch to Chrome and be fully assimilated by the Gborg

  6. Oh-ho, I now see what they’re doing to the My Subscriptions page — changing up fonts and formatting, and when you get it back, it looks like you’ll be able to Manage Subscriptions from there, too.

  7. Our avatars are being embiggened on the Subs page.

    I’ve been having to reload on Chrome — yesterday I was getting nothing but what Leeeenda had posted for the past month, which is even odder than no subs at all.

    Opera gots a flavr for Winderz too.

  8. My subscriptions are kind of messed up – they’re there, but in a random order. Nothing is recent and it only has posts from a couple different people.

  9. Yikes! That’s a relief.
    I thought I was the only one!!
    Haven’t been here much lately, everything is upside down (well, it feels that way…LOL)

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