Vegan MoFo – (from the archives) The Joys of Ramen

Note:  this one is from the archives.  not only is ramen cheap and delicious, but can be vegan if you choose the ‘vegetable’ or ‘mushroom’ flavor packets.  as always, read ingredients, and remember, just because is vegan doesn’t mean it is healthy – ramen is overfull of sodium and can have a significant amount of saturated fat.   but what a nice Fall treat it is!

as the weather turns cold and blustery, a girl’s mind turns to warm and comforting thoughts, i.e. a nice, steamy bowl of ramen noodles.
me and ramen, we go a loooong way back. 

some milestones

like many others, I first encountered ramen while in college. not knowing very much of the ways of ramen, and being a poor student, I spent some time with these guys

MaruchanTop ramen

A shelf o'ramen                                                                                                           A shelf o’ramen

after graduating and getting a semi-decent job,
I became aware there was more to
ramen than what was available at the local
I was also able to afford more than 12½ cents
per packet, so I made the acquaintance of
Japanese ramen.  a whole new world of ramen
culinary delights had opened to me.

I did eventually became wise to the pinnacle of the ramen art:  Korean ramen. mmm, mmm, mmm.  num, num, nummers. hot, spicy, with or without kimchee. zee best.

Another korean ramen                                                                                                                                                  Another korean ramen
cannot forget the RAMEN SAMURAI, from whom I learned the secret of a good bowl o’ramen.
Ramen samurai

on the cultural front, one of my favoritest movies EVAR is about the quest for the perfect bowl:




13 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo – (from the archives) The Joys of Ramen

  1. Definitely sound worth a try! And it sounds so warm and comforting…unless I go for the spicy and zingy! :)

    • it is all that, fer shure.
      I’ve found I can use ½ of the seasoning packets without affecting the flavor very much

  2. Tampopo *is* a fabulous film. We were required to screen it in film school and while I generally like Japanese film, I’m happy that was pointed out cos I don’t know if I’d have chosen it on my own.

    • Tampopo is both a very Japanese film and not like any Japanese film. very few films make me laugh just by seeing the poster.

  3. I really fell in love with the Korean ramen in the red package. A professor introduced me to it in college and it was divinely spicy.

  4. I was told ramen has absolutely no nutritional value unless you put toppings on it. One guy on NPR said it was like eating cardboard in a salty, fatty broth. :(

    But I associate it with childhood and coming home on a cold, rainy afternoon to an empty house—both my parents worked, so I was pretty much on my own after school. A hot bowl of ramen was so easy to fix, and comforting too. I still like eating it, with a sliced boiled egg and some spinach on top, when I’m fighting off a cold or I just want some cheering up.

    • by itself, the virtues of ramen is that is cheap and filling. LOL at eating cardboard in a salty, fatty broth”.

      I have to try out the sliced egg, that sounds good. I usually add vegetables – carrots, leftover cooked greens, or leftover tofu.

  5. I started with Cup O Noodles (when mom was still paying the bills), went cheap in college, and now don’t do it b/c the MSG makes my head asplode.

      • I ate Cup O’Noodles in high school. in college, I went for cheaper. no budget for fancy dehydrated veggies and egg!

        ah, the days when a brick o’ starch was enough.

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