Vegan MoFo – (from the archives) N’awlins red beans and sausage


NOLA is an eater’s paradise.  just not a vegetarian or vegan paradise.  most of my time there I took my nourishment in liquid form.  walking the Quarter with a beer in each hand is a good way to get the spirit of the place.  and our hotel had a nice bar and cool barkeep.

*ahem* back to the food issue:  the one thing that drove me crazy was the omnipresence of red beans and sausage everywhere. with andouille sausage, natch.  I didn’t ask for a vegetarian version as I suspect that may be a fast way to get run out of town.  ;P

I wanted to recreate red beans and sausage at home. so armed with a package of mam papaul’s red beans seasoning, I set out to desecrate a cajun classic.

first you get your beans        and                                                                                                         soak’em










the next day the beans look like this.                                                                                     drain’em










let steve inspect’em


and taste’em











cover the beans with
water, about 2 inches over the beans

and bring to a boil.  cook at a low boil until beans are soft. ~ 2 hours












now, get onions and sausage

 I used boca italian sausages           tasty.

chop the onion

                                                                    and the sausage










add sausage and onions to the pot o’beans











then, get the seasoning mix

                                                                    and add it to the pot











cook for another 15 minutes or so and serve

don’t look like much, but was this ever good!

vegan as prepared.   rice would be nice, but it was great as is


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