The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Fee sihetak !

so cranky  proposed it

welcome to T12DoC

for the third day, an orange punch

without an orange slice

The Twelve Drinks of Christmas - Day 3


2 jiggers of orange brandy

1 jigger triple sec

½-jigger lime juice


stir in a glass, add ice, enjoy

Fee sihetak  !


8 thoughts on “The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Fee sihetak !

  1. YUM! Oh, wait, I said that already.

    You are so creative with your drinks. I’ll play along at home and make a real cup of cocoa with milk and Baileys.

    • thanks, I blush.
      I had a bottle of a Spanish orange brandy called “Ponche Caballero”. it’s been languishing for a few years, still tasty.
      this project is fun – since I’m posting and chatting with you guys it doesn’t seem like drinking alone.

      cocoa+milk+Bailey’s = yum

      • I’m fighting off a bit of a chest cold so the warm drink does a world of good. The Baileys helps take the pain away and the milk counts as dinner. :-)

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