The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Le’chaim

so cranky  proposed it

welcome to T12DoC

even though it is a summer drink, I had a hankerin’ for a G&T


(made with lemon – otherwise my grandma will haunt me)

fill a tall glass with ice, add

1½-jiggers of gin

½-jigger of lemon juice

fill to top with tonic water



The Twelve Drinks of Christmas - Day Four




The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Four

Le’chaim !


8 thoughts on “The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Le’chaim

  1. I’m not a big gin drinker but occasionally in the summer I do get a hankering for a nice refreshing G&T. I like the lemon juice thing, I have never tried that, I always do the wedgie of lime.

    • I hadn’t had a G&T in a loooong time…this little series is making me look at my booze collection and think about what to make – and G&T pop in my head

  2. No, G&Ts are not just for summer, as any Left Coast dweller will tell you. But we are fonder of limes in our drinks. Lemons are for that little twist in the martini. :)

    • when I was growing up in Venezuela, we called limes ‘lemons’ – I hardly ever saw a real lemon ’til I moved to the US.

    • well, I did say my grandma will find me and give what-for*…
      now, after the comments in this thread, I’m going to have to try a G&T with lime.

      *I shouldn’t mention she gave me my first G&T when I was 15, right?

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