The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Kampai

so cranky  proposed it

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I could swear that some time ago noted cocktail connoisseur Steve Betz posted a recipe for a cocktail that included carrot juice.  I think he called it “Zanahorita”.   …but I can’t find his recipe…dang

internets to the rescue!

this is my not-as-good-as-Steve-Betz’s-obviously Zanahorita   (adapted and modified from what I found in the internets)

add to cocktail shaker:

2 jiggers tequila
½-jigger triple sec
2 jiggers carrot juice
½-jigger lime juice

shake shake shake.


it's good for ya! vegetables!

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Five

Kampai !


19 thoughts on “The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Kampai

  1. Oh well, we have tequila and purty colors in common tonight! well done! I dunno about carrot juice though. But it be’s pretty!

  2. Heeeeee. I’m all going for the “Valley Girl” sound today. I walked into the main lab from the Emergency Room lab today and yelled “OH. EM.GEE”…
    what a mad house. Overdoses everywhere.

    I can has brandy and water. No carrot juice. No tekeela. No carrot juice.
    Effects….probly similar. :)

    LK can haz beerz!

    The drink is oh so purty tho!

    Ok….I can go makes post!!

    • oh my, overdoses?
      I guess it is the season. sadly.
      brandy and water = veddy veddy fancy.
      teh LK can indeed haz beerz. he is having one now.

      • Hee!

        Overdoses = Not good!
        A beer or a brandy and water = veddy veddy good!

        Either way…..enjoy, my friends! :D

  3. A cocktail I can drink and still tell everyone that it’s for my health, ha! And I do love the orange color, carrot or no.

    Tequila is an okay mixer, but I can never drink it straight up without feeling sick afterwards. I’ve sometimes used white rum as a substitute, but it doesn’t have that “kick” to it.

    • thanks for the link, Steve. it’s been bookmarked.
      I’ll be sure to try it out next time I go carroty during the cocktail hour. and I won’t forget the cumin, I promise.

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