The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Afiyæt oslun

so cranky  proposed it

welcome to T12DoC

it is entirely too warm ’round here for being < week to Christmas.  let’s have a refreshing Tom Collins

2 jiggers Gin
1 jigger lemon juice
1 jigger simple syrup
soda water

Fill a shaker with ice, add gin, lemon juice, and syrup.  shake.  strain over a glass filled with ice, top with soda water

drinking gin'n'juice

The Twelve Drinks of Christmas - Day Eight



Afiyæt oslun !


4 thoughts on “The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Afiyæt oslun

  1. Oh! I finally busted out the gin too! I went for one that was a little less complicated than the original I picked so maybe I’ll save the other for the weekend.

  2. I noticed there’s a gin theme going on here. But I love me some Tom Collins. Gin with sugar and citrus, and I think I’m in the Bahamas.

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