The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Hipahipa

so cranky  proposed it

welcome to T12DoC

as per M-T’s request,  a Greyhound

1 jigger of gin

~ 4-6 oz fresh grapefruit juice

Pour ingredients into a  glass over ice cubes. Stir well and enjoy

run, little doggie! run!


Mad Tante has a hankerin'

The Twelve Drinks of Christmas - Day Eleven


Hipahipa   !


15 thoughts on “The Twelve Drinks of Christmas – Hipahipa

  1. Now, I think I might like gin with grapefruit juice. I’ll have to go to a bar to try this cuz I definitely don’t want to buy a whole bottle of gin.

    • as I wrote elsewhere, I’m becoming reacquainted with gin. gin is definitely not a “go with anything” spirit (like vodka), but it has a real affinity for citrus.

  2. Thank you!

    The way I have always had them (and taught them on the Continent) was 1 jigger VODKA (I didn’t make this change; it’s the only way I’ve had them), 4-6 oz “regular” unsweetened grapefruit juice (the bitter yellow kind) and a splash of soda water (I mean just a splash–it lightens the heaviness of that hardcore grapefruit juice).

    • I’ve only known Greyhounds to be made with gin. vodka being a fairly neutral spirit can stand for gin (see: Martini)
      I used a ruby red grapefruit – I’m sure yellow grapefruit would yield a very different drink. made with ruby red grapefruit, a Greyhound is gentle, almost delicate; perfect for a ladies’ luncheon

      • Delicate is definitely the Greyhound. The Great Dane is gentle, but also kerflumpy and clumbering.

  3. Stupidly enough, this is not even listed in my book. They have a great dane though. I would have made that in honor of Larui but it has stuff I don’t even know what it is. Cherry Heering?

    • Ok, I just about spit wine on my keyboard. Cherry Heering is what you call a cheery Herring when you are drunk.

      It’s cool that there is a drink called a Great Dane! But, I have no idear what Cherry Heering is.

      Btw, I love white grapefruit so much more than red. So I would probably like the bitter yellow grapefruit juice, madtante! :) Hardcore! *rocknroll horns*

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