a few disjointed ramblings around the date

I never gave a darn about St. Valentine’s day, even when I was dating, courting, and first married.  being an old-married, has freed us from even noticing the day.

my 13-year-old niece has been staying with us since last year,  being that middle school in Seward, Alaska is quite subpar.
she seems happy here, but is conflicted about her parents and sister being so far away.  there is a bit of tension as she wants to stay here for H.S. and her mom wants her back home.
teh LK and I are doing our best to stay out of it.

but we thought at least we can provide her a little Valentine’s cheer

went to Krogers, bought a few handfuls of yellow, spring-looking flowers.
chocolate-covered strawberries
and a card.
I was the only woman walking around with flowers – placed was packed with men of all ages and walks of life, clutching dozen roses.               so that was amusing.
since I don’t normally shop for gifts on V-day, I don’t know how recent this phenomenon is:
clamshell containers full of rose petals.
“petaled for your convenience”
I saw two teenage boys each grab one container and giggle.
they soooo think they are getting laid tonight


22 thoughts on “a few disjointed ramblings around the date

  1. Oh, the teenaged boys and the rose petals in a clamshell reminded me of my son’s first time to a Sweetheart Dance. He tried so hard: he put on his best gray Claiborne suit with a royal blue tie, then asked me to buy him a corsage, for a girl who would be wearing pink. “What sort of pink?” I asked. He gestured helplessly, because he hadn’t asked. So I went to the florist’s and got a wrist corsage with a pink rosebud and baby’s breath and pink and white ribbons. It cost $25 and looked like nothing (in my jaded opinion). I drove him to the house where the couples in his group were meeting, but didn’t get out of the car because he wanted to look as if he arrived by magic. (He wasn’t old enough for a license then.)

    He came home at 11:30 looking pleased. He and the girl had ice cream sundaes at TGIFriday’s after the dance. He remembered to bring his wallet and paid for both of them. It made me realize however that not all teenaged boys are horny little animals. Some of them really want to be princes and sweep the girl off her feet.

    Enjoy your V-Day with your child-for-a-day (month? year?).

    • “what sort of pink?” heh. not the kind of question a teenage boy can answer.

      sweet story, glad it went well for Chris.

      the teenage boys I encountered today, well… they well-fit the ‘horny little animals’ label. hope they (and their dates) remember to get condoms.

      the child for a few-more-months up to 4-years-plus. depends on her negotiations with her mom and dad

    • My boys have always been so sweet. I remember my youngest setting up candles on a table in the basement. He arranged them into the shape of a heart and put a vase of flowers in the middle of them. His girlfriend at the time loved it.
      He needs to find someone now who would appreciate gestures like that.

      • I will maintain that it’s the moms who teach boys to be princes. Dads can and should, but if a boy respects his mom and she expects it, then every girl that boy meets will benefit from it.

        I hope you youngest finds someone worthy of his kindness. Mine has girl friends but not a girlfriend. I think the friends would love to be his girlfriend, but he treats them all like his “bros.” Which is not the path to romance.

  2. That IS so sweet of you! It’s got to be very difficult being so far from home!
    It is always entertaining to see the last minute “shoppers” looking for Valentine’s gifts.
    I’m so glad we don’t worry about that, either!

    • aw thanks. it really is nothing.
      she really is a sweet kid.

      as sweet as a thirteen year old can be and not get her teenage card revoked

  3. oh, I mentioned the rose-petals-in-plastic-clamshell to teh LK via email.
    his reply:

    someone realized they
    could sweep the flower shop floor and make money


  4. You are definitely sweet to do a Valentine’s treat for your niece.

    Headz up — tomorrow (February 15th) on my blog, I’m interviewing our very own peep, Aubrey!

  5. Sounds like a great niece valentine treat. And for the record, I think I would take a puppy over a budding teenager. ;) You are a brave soul.

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