His Black Dress: Beyond The Limits Of Menswear

too awesome not to share.

No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz?

As a bit of a companion piece to my last post, I’d like to submit for your enjoyment His Black Dress, the blog of Mr. Spookshow, a fella who enjoys pushing the boundaries of what men are “allowed” to wear, from the perspective of everyday fashion. He rocks a variety of looks, from the merely kilted:

To full-on ladies’ wear:

It’s interesting to see a man writing about clothing in the same way female fashion bloggers do. I realized, reading his work, that women’s outfits are fundamentally assembled differently than men’s. The wider range of options and possibilities in women’s clothing create a complex mix-and-match in which multiple good possibilities exist. This seems like the classic problem of “Well, I didn’t believe it when women said it, but now that a man does, I think there’s something to it!”, but I think it’s actually a little subtler. There’s…

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5 thoughts on “His Black Dress: Beyond The Limits Of Menswear

  1. Dude looks GREAT (both ways) but when speaking of “dressing up” I’ve always felt that women have to buy *A* formal dress, which is NEVER easily reworn and is expensive and that’s a bowl of crap. Men can always rewear a tux or even a well-tailored, top-notch suit — the same WEEK!

    For my industry, the women and men (when appearing in “best career attire”) aren’t so different, either. My suit jacket and skirt or trousers need to match. We’re not talking career casual but when I need to meet the distributors? I can’t play cutesy jacket and varying skirt.

  2. I reblogged this because dude is (a) adorbz and (b) totally owns his sartorial choices.

    I’ve always hated that women are supposed to have a new dress for each formal occasion; in men’s case they can invest on a well-fitted good quality suit and wear the heck out of it.

  3. He is adorable! I love the kilt! The dress not so much, but I would hate wearing that dress myself!
    It’s a good thing I just wear scrubs to work, I would never be able to dress myself! :P

  4. This is why I believe in wearing black. I have two really nice black dresses. They’re virtually indistinguishable from each other. I can wear them as often as a like.

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