oh noes! where will we go for our tacky art needs?

Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Crap(tm) died today, April 6, of natural causes, as per family, teh wiki.

a big loss to his family.   Winnie teh Pooh, however, can now breathe a sigh of relief.

goodbye, Painter of Crap(tm)

and not the fun, gay kitsch


14 thoughts on “oh noes! where will we go for our tacky art needs?

  1. news claimed the mass-production caused critics to say his work was tacky.

    I said to Mr. LT “it wasn’t the mass production that made them say that, it was the tackiness.”

  2. LOL! As soon as I saw the headline that Mr. Kinkade had passed away I thought “Bring on the snark!”
    I knew I could count on you guys! :D

    It’s a bit unsettling how many people are croaking in their early to mid 50s however. It’s like an unusually high number…but I may just have become oversensitive in the last decade….:P

  3. I could only think of the segment “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” had of him. Every time Peter Segal would mention his name, Carl Kassel would say “Painter of Light, registered trademark.”

  4. I wonder if they’re having a touching vigil at the Thomas Kinkade National Archive in Monterrey, CA. I went through there on my trip of the CA coast 3 years ago, and my host and I had to circle the block about ten times to really let the implications of “National Archive” sink in. Alas, they were already closed for the day.

  5. I’m glad someone posted about this – I thought about it but got distracted by other things and felt kinda bad for being so relieved by someone’s death.

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