Sailor Babo goes a-voting

mSB had no idea that an adventure was brewing

she never lets me drive

where are we going?

he was very excited; not much fun stuff happens chez mariser

I was tripped!

fell down from the excitement

what’s VOTE?

actually, we vote inside

actually, we vote insid

mSB knows to vote for the best cooky (all of them)

mSB wanted to vote for Dr. Jill Stein because she’s the prettiest

Jill Stein understands the needs of Fabric-Americans

Jill Stein understands the needs of Fabric-Americans

mSB was overruled.  something something about needing to have the popular vote alongside the electoral college, blah blah blah

just because she's bigger than me....

babo was overruled

but mSB got a nifty sticker!

where are the cookies?

we voted. it’s cooky time!

mSB really, really hopes there are cookies after this.  voting is exhausting!


24 thoughts on “Sailor Babo goes a-voting

  1. I like this! My sticker is in my car….I should go get a pick of it with Baborui. It’s a different one from other years. Other years ours were the same as yours!

  2. Congratulations on voting, mSB. I forgot to bring my Sailor Babo to the voting place, but it’s okay because he told me who to vote for beforehand…somebody named Barack Obabo.

  3. I didn’t get a sticker, just a receipt (from the bottom of my ballot)… and the satisfaction of voting for Mr. Barack O.

    Not sure what the folks at my polling place would have made of Sailor B, though!

      • I could have told them that Sailor B was the Dem. canvasser (if I’d taken him), because there sure as hell wasn’t one outside my polling place! That might have scared them. ; )

        More seriously, I live in a county that’s probably going to be at the top of the list re. votes for Romney.

  4. Sadly, I didn’t get a sticker, since I voted by mail. :-( It seems like they could mail me one once they get my ballot.

    I really like Dr. Jill Stein, too, but I think a vote for our current POTUS is still a vote for fabric-American rights.

    • mine is a very backwards state. no early voting, no voting by mail. absentee ballot only if you have a valid excuse. the least they can do is give us stickers.

  5. Dr. Jill Stein would have been a good choice if mSB lived in California, a non-swing state.

    (The local Republican Party office was saying it may have to shut down for lack of funds. I can’t believe we’re that heavily Democratic out here, but maybe we are progressive: the Green Party had a good turnout in the primary earlier this year.)

    Hope mariser took Sailor Babo out for his post-election cookie!

  6. LTSB had a hard time choosing between Mr. Obabo and Dr. Stein. He’s sure they both appreciate the struggles of Fabric-Americans for equality and cookies, and welcome people of all colors and shapes. He tells me that Seasick Sailor Babo definitely voted Green.

    Since we vote by mail, we don’t get a sticker. He also wishes the ballot was smaller, it tires out his little legs walking something twice as tall as he is, carrying a black pen.

  7. oy, California and all the props in the ballot. no consideration for those of small stature and little legs.
    I’m jealous of all y’all voters-by-mail.

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