Picking and Choosing: Bloggers as Curators

CURATE :   it doesn’t mean what you think it means.


it does NOT mean “reblogging”.

(what I’m doing right now)

The WordPress.com Blog

Your blog is the space where you show the world the things that make you tick. You put together stories and images that entertain and enlighten, and invite your visitors in. It’s your own carefully designed museum-living room-coffeeshop packed into a screen.

Some rooms feel a bit cozier, though, with a choice item from the flea market or the antique store. Likewise, your blog can come to life with some well-chosen materials you’ve collected on WordPress.com (and the web in general). Many bloggers are already curating thoughtful content on topics as diverse as design and science — here are some ideas on how best to find and present others’ materials on your blog.

Digging for content

The WordPress.com community creates, collectively, over a million posts every single day, generating an endless wealth of information and opinion. This shouldn’t deter you from looking for content to enhance your blog. On the contrary, you…

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13 thoughts on “Picking and Choosing: Bloggers as Curators

  1. Considering that’s not a museum in the photo, but a storage facility of some sort, yeah.

    (I thought at first it might be a prop/set storage warehouse, but those are more organized)

  2. Your blog feels cozy cuz the kitties are having funz on the side! :D
    And I still love your profile photo!

    • aw thanks!
      I haven’t uploaded photos to flickr in forever… lazy me. so the kitties playing with their Edgar’s Playhouse catnip toys remain in the spotlight.
      that profile pic is one of the few pics of myself I like

  3. Photo looks like it’s showing an antique dealer’s warehouse – bad one at that, with no protection for more fragile object that are just sitting there.

    Have been in more than a few museum storage areas and they can be pretty packed, too, but are usually far more organized!

  4. I think WordPress is trying to get into the Pinterest/tumblr game where members can just post random pictures, gifs, and the like on their blogs. Or, “Hey, I stole found this on the innerwebs!”

    I write about museums but jeezus dog cripes, I hope my blog isn’t turning into one.

    • I think you are right. they’ve been trying for a while. “quick post”, “like button” *, “reblog this” are all steps towards tumblrization

      * does not hold a candle to the late lamented {this is good]

    • I think WordPress should get into the How-Can-We-Stop-Businesses-Disguised-As-Blogs-From-Following-Aubrey’s-Blog Game. Selling computers are you? Enjoy my post about 18th century prostitutes, guys.

      Hangaku, your blog is elegant and intelligent – not stuffed with precariously balanced items and things surely doomed to break.

      • Thank you, aubrey! Your blog is equally elegant and intelligent, but unfortunately the eyes of Google probably don’t see that when it looks for the terms, “18th-century prostitutes.” :roll:

  5. ::sigh::

    I miss [this is good] and all its translations.
    Sorry I haven’t been on Google+ to visit. I just can’t seem to settle in there.
    I hope you’re doing well!

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