so hey, the rare non-Nick Cave-related news

we’ve been not-very-heavily looking for a house (same city). we love our little house, but the neighborhood has gone from a student ‘hood to a a frat-boys-kicked-from-campus enclave – not a good thing.

so, a few weeks ago we saw this one

made an offer, went back and forth, yadda yadda yadda…ours and the bank’s since last Friday.  so yay, kinda.  it’s in good shape but we want to replace the carpet in the bedrooms, have the interiors painted, a few other things.  so not moving for a while.

if so inclined you can come see me and watch me descend into madness over paint color samples

linked post and photos within by the teh LK, by far my better half


17 thoughts on “so hey, the rare non-Nick Cave-related news

  1. Looks nice! You also have the advantage of bidding during a traditionally slow period for the real estate market, so the price should be better than the spring or summer, when most people start looking for a new home.

    Moving is never a happy thing, but it looks like you’ll be able to move in stages. I hope you and the cats will enjoy the new place!

    • it’ll be a change of space…we’ve been at our house for 21 years…enough to raise a youngin and send’em on their way, not that we have.

      the price was quite reasonable (surprising) while a beautiful house, it needs some updating, and apparently the former owners recognized that.

    • apparently Mlle. Squnquette has left zee premises.
      also apparently, there is a fair chance Mlle. is a pet squnquette, which would explain why our home inspector didn’t get covered in fragrant spray (1) (2)

      (1) surprisingly skunks are occasionally kept as pets ’round these parts. all these years here and I had no idea
      (2) related to (1), it is common for skunks kept as pets to have their fragrance-spraying glands removed.

  2. Oh, that’s great! Yes, remodeling will suck, but oh, the end results!!! (ha…that almost posted as “end resluts”)!

    • we are looking fwd to the end…how I wish we could fast fwd to the middle of next month. and it should be worth it, but it’s not a remodeling ala RedZ with walls coming down and stuff. just painting and replacing carpets with a facsimile of wooden floors.

      • Facsimile of wooden floors is awesome. So easy to clean and they have look great. I can’t wait to get rid of this nasty carpet in the family room. It will be awhile though. Too many projects in the last couple of years.

        • indeed they are, Lauri, and there are so many choices, laminates, engineered floors…we are just not fans of carpets.
          you’ll get rid of the family room carpet soon enough; one project ar a time, which is what I keep telling myself

  3. Looks nice! I like that “modern” or “contemporary” or whatever the heck you call it because I don’t know anything about residential architecture so I’m just sort of grasping at straws as to what the actual proper name might be but I do like it.

    • I’d call it “contemporary ” too, at least for 1979 when it was built. teh LK has been poking the web, and the house is modified from a design in 1978 for an ‘expandable house’ ; first built with the upstairs unfinished and with plans for an additional d/s bedroom. it’s interesting for sure

  4. Woooooohooooooo!!!! Fantabulous in soooo many ways!! LOVE the openess, the light…and the wonderful windows!
    ((((hugs for the renovations))))

    • aw, thanks. we like all the things you noted…probably won’t be too open after we get all our junk moved in

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