I’d like to propose a toast

to the one and only lady who lunched.
I’ll drink to that


6 thoughts on “I’d like to propose a toast

    • the last of the great Broadway broads…she’d make mincemeat of current Broadway stars like Idina Menzel and not break one nail

  1. Elaine Stritch was an unapologetic drinker, and for awhile, a smoker. I loved that she refused to apologize for what she was, and let Broadway producers know that being a lady didn’t mean being a doormat. When I last saw her on the show 30Rock, I was glad to note she could hold her own with Alex Baldwin, who seemed to cringe before her. :)

  2. I hope the Universe is working on a replacement, because the world needs a broad like Elaine Stritch in the world. There aren’t any good broads anymore. Nothing but…yawn.

    • I will take your yawn and raise you a disappointment and General Annoyance.

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