looking back in blurriness

hey y’all

hope your year is winding down serenely and we all get a chance to catch our breath.

this year has been mostly teh suck for me; from April to October a series of unfortunate (and I’m told, unrelated) events led to, after dozens of doctor visits, several consults, and two major surgeries, to my becoming blind on the right eye.

remember kids, a “95% success rate” comes with a “5% failure rate”.

add age-related vision degeneration on the left eye, and my world has visibly (hah!) shrank.  I can still drive, but having trouble adjusting to having no depth of field – I bump into people, columns and displays at the store.  I spend way less time online as my eye tires, and (sorry to say) mostly hang around FB as it has the best visual adaptive controls.  WP, IG, tumblr, all are nowhere as good.

there has been other suckitude, but not to the extent of the eye clusterfuck:  I’m happy to say the rest of the family is thriving – teh LK grows handsomer, Princess Hank imperiouser, and Steven Elizabeth confushizzleder by the day. <— [that is good]

I leave you with an artist’s interpretation of meself in my new haircut.  cheers!








10 thoughts on “looking back in blurriness

  1. Mariser ….speechless. I wish I were there to help you. But I’m not, and hope you’re inundated with friends who are. I hope it’s not the result of malpractice, just the chance we all take with yet imperfect medical procedures. What will you do!? There must be agencies that can help you adjust…

    Sending you love from me and Buzz this holiday, and lots of coping thoughts. 🎄

  2. Good to hear from you!

    I have no depth of field and one working eye but I was hatched that way and spent years going to blind school (before and after starting grammar school) to teach me how to get around. I hate to tell you from now on, you will be covered in bruises if I had early training and still do. I cover it with the excuse of being alcoholic.

    As for Internet, control and plus sign zooms in browsers. Command plus for macs. Otherwise I couldn’t see shit.

    Good to hear the fam is well!

    I was laid off from my job 19 years 1st week of May and MO’s luxurious, pre-tax 40% wage for 20 weeks of unemployment wasn’t a huge help. Good thing I had savings to completely destroy.

    Big news, though! Even though there’s no work in the middle of nowhere, I got a minimum wage job at the local (46 miles RT) med-hi security prison. I’ll run an office in the housing unit with all the violent offenders. My joke is, “plenty of opportunity for romance.” I’m still looking.

    But having health insurance is going to be awesome!! Wish it wasn’t out of pay but as Americans, pretty glad Of it at all.

    I’m excited to be a contributing member of society again.

    Hope you are kicking ass otherwise!

    I’m happy to get the hell out of 2015. Sounds like you are, too.

  3. I am sorry to hear about your eyeball. It really IS Teh Suck.
    It was a happy accident that The Lord K fat-fingered it and dialed me instead of his sister (who I’m sure he talks to enough, haha). It made my day to talk to you, even though it wasn’t good news we were relaying. But the thing I forgot about that made me think of you yesterday was I wore that necklace I got when we were in Heidelberg! I never wear that either. Anyway…I hope 2016 is better to you. Miss you! It was great hearing your voice again.

  4. I’m sorry so much of your year has been crap. Speaking as one who’s dealt with vision issues all of her life, I can say you will adjust, provided the changes to your vision are gradual. Reading will be harder no matter what; audiobooks are a great solution, but online media—well, I spend a lot of comical moments holding my phone up to my face.

    Take care. Good to see you again online!

  5. Oh man, that’s awful. Guessing frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe it, but I do hope you’ll be able to adjust ok. Hang in there!

  6. Am appalled at what destiny has wrought. I am so sorry. As Lauri says, we need yurts for our hurts. And a group hug.

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