anybody has Google+ invites? [updated]

update 20110708@1953pm: thanks to the handsome and charming Mr. Guilt for listening to my plea and sending me an invite. I’m still not one of the cool kids, but maybe some day…



I feel SO left out. any of you cool kids care to bring me in from the cold?

send your excess invites to: mariser(at)gmail(dot)com


using audio files from elsewhere in WP posts

if your music files are hosted elsewhere, be your own server, *cough*TypePad*cough*, or if you just grab a music link and would like to use in it a WordPress post, here’s how:

basically all you do is open an audio tag – /%20then%20insert%20the%20music%20file%20link%20location%20–%20%5Baudio%20%20/%20and%20close%20the%20tag%20-%20audio%20musicfilelinklocation

with this result


found in this WP Support article:

thanks to WP for providing this option. there is also the option of paying $35/year to host music files in WP, or going to, or…

Subscriptions in WordPress and managing subscriptions

first the graphic version (click to embiggen)

and the long wordy one,

there is a easier way.   on the top of the page there is a dark gray bar – look for “Subscribe” and click on “Subscribe to blog”.  this is available on any WP blog, I think.
on the same bar there is “My Subscriptions” where you can click to either read your subscriptions, and also “Manage my Subscriptions” – the default is to send an email when there is a post, but you can change it to no emails, or emails from some of your subscriptions only.

I am really liking the ‘blog stats’ in WP

so much data in the Blog Stats – not only pageview counts, but ‘where from’, ‘where to’, and ”Search Engine terms’, which today brought this little gem:

when full of bourbon jockeys can wax poetic

"poem for someone who likes bourbon"

I felt bad their search wasn’t successful, so I wrote a bourbon-ku

Haiku for someone who likes bourbon

A half-bottle of
Maker’s Mark you forgot was
In your desk drawer

memento mori

’tis a somber occasion, let’s begin with an appropriate quote

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him

VOX is done, over, finito, joined the choir invisible.  starting to stink a little, to be frank.

why this place mattered is that in a virtual world where about 95% of blogs that are started are abandoned, we (we know who we are), beat those odds.  we lasted, we endured; sure we took blogging breaks, went through manic posting periods, times when we struggled to find anything to say, but came back to this, dare I say, community.

the reason we beat the dismal odds is because of what I’ve come to believe is the lifeblood of blogging – comments.  as hokey as it seemed, the [this is good] in its 8-9 language variations, gave  us a jumping place from where we could let folks we read/ heard/ liked them.  [tig] took the worry away from “I don’t know what to write in a comment, I just liked it/made me laugh/made me think”. after [tig] came short comments, and replies, and replies to replies, and non-sequiturs, and some of these threads became things of legend.

I know we are all trying to keep in touch in the varied blogging platforms we are heading to – and that is good.

but as far and wide as we take our blogs, remember the thrill of getting your first notifications that someone had left a comment on your post:  wherever your blog lands, look for new folks writing interesting things and let them know you think [tig]

VOX is dead, long live blogging
from, the soon to be former home of the fabulous ms. Pants

o frabjous day callooh callay

gather ’round children and let me tell you of the times of old.  long long time ago in the land of VOX, before it was abandoned by its masters, they used to regularly send down “upgrades”, fearful fearsome things that caused much pain and gnashing of teeth among us serfs and peasants.  we afeared these “upgrades” because they changed our ways of working the land of blog; and they came down without explanation, rhyme, or reason.

one of these “upgrades” was particularly heinous as it took away a feature we peasants loved – the ability to follow the seeds comments we’d left in our neighbors lands – we could see these on a page, at a glance, and it was good.  but it was taken and we limped away without it.

we have now been exiled from our native lands and are setting up our fields, but lo! and find there is a vegetation here and it goes by “My comments” and we have now regained what we thought was forever lost.

we can follow our comments