a Pepper update

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Pepper is doing just great, thank you very much.  I'll embarrass him by showing a picture of his (barely) fuzzy belly:

you can see the scar and the growing fuzz.  it cracks me up, how well separated the white fur and black fur areas are.

Pepper's vet called a couple of nights ago.  they got the analysis from the stones they removed from Pep's bladder. they are deposits of magnesium phosphate, most likely caused by diet, and the fact that "there ain't enough vinegar in his piss" just like what happened to TK,  so he gets to go on Rx food. 
I got the food last night, and Pep, being the angel he is, ate it without complaint. the other two cats?  one word answer: pleh

Pepper  is mad at me over the picture above, so he refused to pose for me.

Pleez to not take my pictureI said no pictures


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Pepper update which is not an update as far as being different from the original report

some of you have been kind and concerned enough as to ask for an update on Pepper's health.  and I have been remiss by not providing one, but there really hasn't been anything to report. 
the infection/blockage was caught before getting to critical stage so Pepper is waiting out this week on steroids and antibiotics until surgery next week. 
Pepper is mostly fine, gotten used to his pill every evening (given alongside some Kitten Chow). he pees very little and it is blood-tinged.  a little unnerving, but expected given his illness; on the positive side he doesn't seem very distressed, very little crying or yowling.
one not-so-great-thing is that Pepper seems unable to pee in the litterbox, preferring softer surfaces like rugs and upholstered chairs. this has caused the following:
   – we are getting a new bathroom rug after Pepper is all fixed up.
   – the bathroom rug no longer resides in the bathroom but rather next to the litterboxes
   – all cats are being kept off the front of the house where things such as rugs and upholstered chairs abound.

I will update with surgery news as they happen.   thanks to all for your concern.

had a bit of a photoshoot with Pepper this morning.  I liked these best

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