my feelings exactly

about Santa, christmas, and all of that

put me down!

via them cheezburger folks

why do I even try

to make a good home for the cats?

for them to turn around and do this:

close-up (green eyes of fury included. no extra charge):

and yes, those are indeed undergarments comfily piled under the cat.  happy National UnderWear Day!

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I’m an idiot

or Steven Elizabeth is weird.
likely both.

I was eating breakfast – cottage cheese and crushed pineapple – and he kept on getting on my face and on the bowl, running interference with the spoon, the entire act.
this had happened before, and several times I had put a spoonful of the cottage cheese (that's what he must be after, right?) on his dish, just to be ignored.
today it finally dawned on me:  weirdo cat is after the pineapple. after inhaling a couple of spoonfuls of it, he is happicat again.  which means I still couldn't eat because he was laying atop my forearms, purringks

P.S.:  in punishment for calling him a weirdo, steven e. just now came over, pushed my pile of bills to be paid off the desk, dispersed them all over the floor, and left.

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do cats *need* pettings?

of all the cats who have shared my life, Pepper is the only one who, to my sense, *needs* petting. has to have pettingks.  he'll come and sit at the desk, look at me or teh SO and mew plaintively until petted. he'll begin purring immediately; after a few pets he'll move a couple of feet away and proceed with whatever napping/cleaning/sitting business he has pending. these demands for pettings occur several times a day.

I know cats like to be petted and we like petting them, but with Pepper it seems like such a direct need that I wonder:  do any of y'all cats behave in a similar fashion?  am I just reading to much into a normal behavior?

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