A Letter to Scott Walker from a Wisconsin Teacher

the news media coverage of  Wisconsin has waned somewhat, but not the struggle – Gov. Walker refuses to negotiate, there are still protesters at Madison’ Capitol.

a letter to Gov. Walker from Wisconsin teacher Eric Brehm is making the rounds:  it explains the situation succinctly.  a good read

Would you please, kindly, explain exactly how collective bargaining is a fiscal issue? I fancy myself to be a fairly intelligent person. I have heard it reported in the news that unless the collective bargaining portion of this bill is passed, severe amounts of layoffs will occur in the state. I have heard that figure given as 6,000 jobs. But then again, you’ve reportedly said it was 10,000 jobs. But then again, it’s been reported to be as high as 12,000 jobs. Regardless of the figure, one thing that hasn’t been explained to my satisfaction is exactly how or why allowing a union to bargain collectively will cost so much money or so many jobs. Am I missing something? Isn’t collective bargaining essentially sitting in a room and discussing something, collectively? Is there now a price tag on conversation? How much does the average conversation cost? I feel your office has been eager to provide doomsday scenarios regarding lost jobs, but less than willing to provide actual insight as to why that is the case.

I would welcome an explanation.

so would all of Wisconsin. so would the country. so would I.