Philadelphia freedom

ah, cranky may talk a tough game but I'm here, so she's not all that into murdering-people-that-come-and-crash-into-her-routine as she claims.  she is, in fact, charming, gracious, the owner of the world's cutest revolting little chihuahua, and awesome to ride passenger with.

Elvy was polite but distant.  really didn't care for me at all.  cranky let me feed him treats and stuff but he remained distant.   still, he remains cute as only the world's cutest revolting little chihuahua could be.

even in the morning

slightly demonic, but the cute overpowers

check out the perky ears.

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70’s icons

yesterday, January 8th would have been Elvis Presley's 72nd birthday.  while on an Elvis image search, I came across this gone-and-not-forgotten gem which records the meeting of Elvis and the other great paranoid of the 70's:

makes one nostalgic for the good old days, eh?

nice bit of trivia (amongst many):  the Elvis-Nixon photograph is the most requested item from the National Archives

I leave you with a lesser-known, but quite awesome picture of Nixon.

whoever said white men can't jump?

edit 1/9/2006@1750:  d'Oh!  I'd forgotten that today would have been Nixon's 94th birthday. happy could-have-been birthday Tricky Dick!

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A cow love story – featuring a steer named Elvis

and it goes without saying, this one is for AmyH.  of course.

I have posted elsewhere one of Jon Katz's life-in-the-farm articles in Slate.  I find the articles to be very good, sentimental without being sappy and they provide a bit of insight into how we relate to our non-hominid brethren.

A while back, Katz wrote about his-first-ever-steer, Elvis

                                         yes, his name is Elvis.  fer real

                                         yes, Elvis is a brown swiss

Elvis is having a good life in Katz's farm, but as the only bovine-in-residence, a bit lonely.


                       fate intervenes, as if sometimes does, in the form of an unexpected move
by a neighbor.  this neighbor has to give up their lovely brown-and-white
                       mix,  Luna

I don't have to tell you how the story ends, do I?
go ahead and read it

And you'll have the answer to the eternal question:

What happens when a 2,300 lb steer falls in love?

hint:  the ground shakes.  literally.  mos'def literally.

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