[Thy] tongue outvenoms all the worms of Nile.

yeah, you.  oh yeah?  then you are…you are…yo momma…erm,…you suck!

ever been tongue-tied and unable to deliver an insult that will knock'em out and leave them speechless and unable to reply? 
ever wish you had the gift with language that Shakespeare had? and use it for petty, small-minded, selfish reasons?

then run, not walk to the Shakespeare Insulter, from whence the title of this post came.

hours of endless amusement!  try to match the insult to the recipient!

the Shakespeare Insulter is not only available at the site above but it is also one of the widgets available when customizing your google homepage. now you can begin your day insulted by the greatest master of the English language

many thanks to Valerae who wrote about  the customizable google page.

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