bedside reading

yep, that R Crumb

The Book of Genesis illustrated by R Crumb

very engaging so far.  I just finished Noah.


…  (continued)

On Sept. 22, Cook told two of her colleagues at the library about her dilemma, and Beth Boisvert made a decision. She would take the book off hold, thus disallowing the child — or the child's parents — ever to see the book.

On Sept. 23, both Cook and Boisvert were fired. They were told by library director Ron Critchfield the firings were a decision of the library board.


not only did ms. Cook broke all sorts of privacy and access rules, but afterwards, when she, as a community member, brought the library a request to withdraw the book in question (as any community member has a right to do), ms. Cook, as a member of the library committee that reviews such requests for withdrawal, had friends and fellows surround her and pray over her while she read the book in question (triple exclamation point here !!!), since she had not read it.

btw, the book in question is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier, a graphic novel written by Alan Moore.  I have not read it, but I'll be requesting my local library purchase it.  of course

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