update:  I just found out the opener is Armen Ra, a theremin player

a theremin!

it’s gonna be epic. epic!

Grinderman this past Monday on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

[insert curses.  lots of curses]

ff to minute 35 to watch Grinderman

here’s a pic from the taping:


The Grinderman grinds again

via the lovely and talented Brown Amazon

Nick Cave’s dirty detour : The New Yorker.

In the eighties, it looked as though Cave might become a darker, underground version of Elvis, but that time has passed, partly because his interests have changed. Now his profile is pleasantly complicated; in the past thirty years he has channelled a dozen different versions of the male psyche. To the rock audience, he is a highbrow front man who also writes novels and soundtracks, and pals about with artistes who wouldn’t be caught dead at a rock show where the audience is forced to stand.

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grind, grinder, grind!!

Grinderman 2 is here.  on the first few listens, it comes across a bit milder than Grinderman – not as dissonant and electrified.  more melodic and a bit tender.   the influence of NC & The Bad Seeds is noticeable, same as Grinderman had a marked influence on Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!

funny song.   yes, it is about what you thought it was about

Worm Tamer

this one is kinda sweet – even with the “eeevil!” chorus – which I could do without


it's going to leave bloody tracks all over the new carpet


update 20100820 – bought, paid, signed, sealed (not yet) delivered.  Nashville road trip on November 19

—————————————————————————- 0 ——————————————————————————–

tickets go on sale tomorrow for most US dates.   see you in Nashville!