Shilpa Ray opens for Grinderman

at Cannery Ballroom Nashville 20101119

Shilpa Ray

at Cannery Ballroom Nashville 20101119

Shilpa Ray and her harmonium

at Cannery Ballroom Nashville 20101119

Shilpa Ray










Grinderman’s opening act in the North American tour, Armin Ra, broke his theremin at the New York show.  while the theremin was repaired, Shilpa Ray was personally requested by Grinderman to be the opener in the DC, Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis shows.

she was fantastic, a girl singing and screaming with only her harmonium for accompaniment. Shilpa’s voice goes from wounded to growling in the same verse; mesmerizing.
later in the set she got the crowd to clapping and OOOooooOOoooo along – and closed by informing us in the audience that “Grinderman was fucking awesome and she was going to get wasted and watch them with us”.
a girl after my own heart




check out a couple of songs from her upcoming album with her band, The Happy Hookers, Teenage and Torture

Heaven In Stereo
Venus Shaver

more pics of Shilpa Ray and of Grinderman at flickr



update:  I just found out the opener is Armen Ra, a theremin player

a theremin!

it’s gonna be epic. epic!

Grinderman this past Monday on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

[insert curses.  lots of curses]

ff to minute 35 to watch Grinderman

here’s a pic from the taping:

The Grinderman grinds again

via the lovely and talented Brown Amazon

Nick Cave’s dirty detour : The New Yorker.

In the eighties, it looked as though Cave might become a darker, underground version of Elvis, but that time has passed, partly because his interests have changed. Now his profile is pleasantly complicated; in the past thirty years he has channelled a dozen different versions of the male psyche. To the rock audience, he is a highbrow front man who also writes novels and soundtracks, and pals about with artistes who wouldn’t be caught dead at a rock show where the audience is forced to stand.

Read more

grind, grinder, grind!!

Grinderman 2 is here.  on the first few listens, it comes across a bit milder than Grinderman – not as dissonant and electrified.  more melodic and a bit tender.   the influence of NC & The Bad Seeds is noticeable, same as Grinderman had a marked influence on Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!

funny song.   yes, it is about what you thought it was about

Worm Tamer

this one is kinda sweet – even with the “eeevil!” chorus – which I could do without


it's going to leave bloody tracks all over the new carpet


update 20100820 – bought, paid, signed, sealed (not yet) delivered.  Nashville road trip on November 19

—————————————————————————- 0 ——————————————————————————–

tickets go on sale tomorrow for most US dates.   see you in Nashville!

Nick Cave, Nick Cave, Nick Cave, Nick Cave….

…in Philly, October 7th.  I couldn't be any more stoked. 

a musical genius and a styling sonofabitch.  plus an answer to one of the age-old questions: what to do when your hair starts thinning on top?   grow a porntastic mustache.  hell to the yeah.

Nicky and the Bad Seeds are touring behind "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!".  here's the video for that song

sadly he is not touring with Grinderman, his recent side project.  I've been watching the videos on YT and lmho.  cute animals doing not-so-cute things and Nick handling an ax.  plus already-mentioned porntastic mustache.

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