this is unfuckingbelievable

apparently, *sometime* in the past few days GoogleMaps has gone and replaced post-hurricane Katrina satellite pictures of New Orleans with images taken prior to the storm.  

Google's product manager for satellite imagery doesn't know when the images were taken or when they replaced the post-Katrina ones (!!!)   . from the article in the Huffington Post

"Chikai Ohazama, a Google Inc. product manager for satellite imagery, said the maps now available
are the best the company can offer. Numerous factors decide what goes into the databases, "everything from resolution, to quality, to when the actual imagery was acquired."

He said he was not sure when the current images replaced views of the city taken after Katrina struck Aug. 29, 2005, flooding an estimated 80 percent of New Orleans.

In the images available Thursday, the cranes working to fix the breach of the 17th Street Canal are gone. Blue tarps that covered roofless homes are replaced by shingles. Homes wiped off their foundations are miraculously back in place in the Lower 9th. So, too, is the historic lighthouse on Lake Pontchartrain."

folks, check this out:  the lower ninth ward as per Google maps.  it sure as hell didn't look like
that two weeks ago when we were there.   I'll post some pics this weekend.

Even if I wasn't a cynic, I'd find it hard to believe that this switch of images  "just happened"…  surely City Hall and other assorted city boosters didn't encourage Google to present a less devastated picture of the city, no?

Google, don't forget your much vaunted Corporate Motto and bring back the images of NOLA as it is.

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a green hunting cap squeezed the top of the fleshy balloon of a head…

…full, pursed lips…and at their corners, sank into little folds, filled with disapproval and potato chip crumbs."

A Confederacy of Dunces

John Kennedy Toole

he'd introduce himself, perhaps, but allow me to present
Ignatius J(acques) Reilly

forever pissed off at us the imbeciles

and what may Ignatius be doing, you ask?

why. he'd be waiting for his mother:

" In the shadow under the green visor of the cap, Ignatius J. Reilly's supercilious blue and yellow eyes looked down upon the other people waiting under the clock at D.H. Holmes department store, studying the crowd of people for signs of bad taste in dress."

under the clock?   what clock, may you say. 
well, it'd be this one —————————————–>

and regardless the damages done upon his countenance by Fortuna's Wheel




Ignatius is apparently not averse
to the company of a pretty girl
go figure

or that of a handsome fellow

edit 03/19/2007 @1420:  added link to ACoD Wikipedia entry

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