Vegan MoFo – vegan goodies in the mail

not a cooking post – but the next best thing, a box of noms from Trader Joe‘s via the LTs!

the cats got about a dozen cans of TJ’s Tuna for Cats (fortified with taurine and other goodnesses), some seafood, and a few cans of $pendy organic cat fudz that HRT and TK had turned their kitty noses at.

we hunams got a selection of TJ‘s vegan goodies, including a bar of 85% dark chocolate.  yum.


Stevie looks over the loot

…and helps himself to some tasty seaweeds

thilly thilly putty cat

mSB tried hard to hide his disappointment at the lack of cookies


mSB is dismayed

(we made cookies this afternoon, so mSB is is happy self again)

thanks again to the LT family!