Nashville is still trying to recuperate

from having Cranky, Creaky Geek, Myke, Kev, teh LK, and I all together.  whenever we weren’t talking we were laughing. a fantastic time with fantastic weather to match.

the LK took all the pics – I had a camera in my bag and never even took it out; Sailor Babo made it out of my bag on a couple of occasions.

pics of the “Nick at Nite” show are in flickr;  we didn’t get pics of Craig Ferguson but Cranky was there to save the day.

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the LK and I had met Cranky in person before, in Boston in 2008;  seeing her in Nashville was as if we had seen her two days ago – we immediately set to talking.  she’s the farthest away from Cranky one can imagine. sweet, thoughtful, and up for everything.

Kev is as sweet in person as he is online; he and teh LK have a lot in common, since they grew up in the same area and remember a lot of the same events.   Myke is as funny as he is here and then some.   Kev and Myke are also super thoughtful: they had gift bags for us and sent us out with lovely parting gifts.  and their house is absolutely beautiful and full of personality, history, and WIN.  we got to meet the lovely Tater (not-so-lovely at the time due to an injury, poor sweetie. but she’s better) and we got to see Millie run the heck away from us.

we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Jan due to previous commitments – she’s fun and sweet and can’t wait to see her again.  it was she who tipped us about Craig Ferguson, who was awesome.  so thanks, Jan!


packages, we get packages.

the postman brought a package from the beautiful Bay Area.  alongside a few stray tuxie hairs, there was a note from the delightful  LT and stuffs.

of course, everything that comes into the house automatically belongs to the Princess:


I swear, it wasn’t two seconds after I sat the package on the table, Hank was on it.

[…] eventually, Hank was distracted and I was able to open the box and found

a bright little elephant, from Subhangi via LT.   isn’t she the cutest?  and Lady Di eyes to boot.


a gift from Subhi via Lurkertype. thanks bebeh peep!


an anthology of feminist sci-fi, cleverly titled Space of Her Own

Isaac Asimov's Space of Her Own, Shawna McCarthy, editor


both teh SO and myself are fans of H. Beam Piper – imagine the thrill to get a couple of his books, a first edition of Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, from where teh SO’s internet name comes, and Empire, a posthumous collection of stories from Piper‘s great Terro-Human Future History.

Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen by H. Beam Piper

Empire by H. Beam Piper