NC!NC!NC! Day -28

(alt title: It Takes Something As Momentous As Ol’ Nick To Get Me To Blogging)

in a month, four weeks, twenty-eight days, I’ll be seated at the Keswick in Philadelphia waiting for The Bad Seeds to take the stage; the intrepid Crankypants will be there, plus a fellow Nickcaveite from Baltimore.

should be an awesome show, as always. this will be my third time through the NickExperience (twice with The Bad Seeds, once with Grinderman). I’m confident it the live show will be memorable, even though I’m underwhelmed by the new  album, Push the Sky Away.  I’ve listened to the album several times since it began streaming last week and there is much Warren Ellis and the soundtracks Nick and Warren have composed in the last few years – lots of strings, loops, a melancholic sound, nothing like the ferocity of Dig Lazarus! Dig!!

It will still be a show worth the trip, because one thing I’ve learned after seeing Nick twice, is that songs that I didn’t care much for as recorded, were amazing live.  “Moonland” and “Midnight Man” from DL!D!! , “Kitchenette” and “When She Comes” from the second Grinderman album were high points of their respective shows.

here’s the video for one of the standouts from the new album, “Jubilee Street”; I’m so looking forward to see it live

Jubilee Street


wish I’d been in Philly yesterday

watch the Drexel shaft go down, down, down


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Philadelphia bliss

congratulations to the Phillies.  way to go the distance.

watch the last out amidst the roars. 




that'll do, boys. that'll do.   'til next year.

I heart No 10.  at minute 1:51 he crawls out from under the pile and jumps on top.

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Philadelphia freedom

ah, cranky may talk a tough game but I'm here, so she's not all that into murdering-people-that-come-and-crash-into-her-routine as she claims.  she is, in fact, charming, gracious, the owner of the world's cutest revolting little chihuahua, and awesome to ride passenger with.

Elvy was polite but distant.  really didn't care for me at all.  cranky let me feed him treats and stuff but he remained distant.   still, he remains cute as only the world's cutest revolting little chihuahua could be.

even in the morning

slightly demonic, but the cute overpowers

check out the perky ears.

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fucking awesome – nick cave & the bad seeds @ the electric factory, philadelphia, 20081007

first things first.  if you havent' read ms. pants's review of this show, go read it now.  much better than the fangirl nonsense about to be unleashed.  don't say I didn't warn you.

we got to the electric factory at about 6:40pm. doors didn't open til 7:00pm, so we were outside standing in line.  which afforded me the opportunity to watch the fabulous ms. pants in action as she completely froze out some poor sucker that attempted to engage her in conversation.  poor fellow actually walked away from his place in line and was not seen again.  ms. pants's only comment?  "as if.  did you see the fuckin' rug he was sporting?".  [sigh]  she's my hero.

once the doors opened and we had been patted down we were in.  managed to get 2nd row on pit, well within sweat-flinging range. 

show started at 8:00pm sharp when Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds took to the stage (Kid Congo Powers vocals/ guitar; KiKi Solis bass/vocals; Danny Hole drums; Ron Miller drums/vocals) great set. KCP played the hell of his guitar and his band was doing the best to keep up with him.


photo of kid congo powers from

setlist:   <—- roughly

Mother earth

For the love of Ivy

Sex Beat

Funky Fly (Bo Diddley's cover)

A pretty girl is as rare as the Yeti  (from upcoming album, Dracula Boots)

LSD C  <–written in honor of Kid's current residence, Washington DC.  (from upcoming album, Dracula Boots)

La Llorona  (from upcoming album, Dracula Boots)


after KCP&PMBs there was a 20-min intermission while the stage crew prepared for OMG NICK CAVE NICK CAVE NICK CAVE.  noone dared to move from their hard-won positions on the pit, so we just waited.  I wish I could say the hipster crowd became silent when The Bad Seeds – The Bad Seeds are: Mick Harvey - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals ; Thomas Wyder - drums, percussion, vocals; Martin Casey- bass, vocals; Conway Savage - piano, organ, vocals; Jim Sclavunos - percussion, drums, organ, melodica, vocals; Warren Ellis- violin, fender mandocaster, loops, mandolin, tenor guitar, violin came out, but the hipsters just started hooting and hollering. even more so when NICK CAVE NICK CAVE NICK CAVE strode onto the stage, surveying the stage and the crowd.










photos of NicK Cave,


 after standing there staring/*glaring* for a bit (most likely at ms pants, who was wearing white amidst the sea of black-clad hipsters) Nick finally noted that "the stage is high or you are all midgets who need footstools". and with that, they were off.  the set began with a fine rendition of "Hold on to yourself" followed by a hard and fast "Dig! Lazarus, Dig!" from the new album.  the band then moved into a mind-blowing "Tupelo", to my mind the second highlight/showstopper of the night. all these time Nick had been pacing up and down the stage, kicking and scowling, but it was during "The weeping song" that he started to engage with the crowd, leading on a singalong, "…This is a weeping song. A song in which to weep…" this continued onto the next song, "Red right hand".

"Midnight Man" was introduced by teasing/dedicating to an audience member on his "silly facial hair" and recommendation that he "shaved that moustache".

Nick then sat at the keyboard and played "Love letter" and "Into my arms" back to back.  The Bad Seeds were fairly restrained at this time, surprisingly. someone must have shot a tranquilizer dart at Warren Ellis during this time. Nick then introduced "We call upon the author" as the one song after which "all your questions be answered". it was spare and rocking, fast-paced and without keyboards. it was good, but not the centerpiece it was at other shows. it  still was a showpiece for Warren Ellis, who rather than airhumping while standing up chose to airhump while laying on his back, playing *some" instrument by smacking it with his feet and still managing the beats by some way invisible to us.  as ms pants put it – "reminds me of Schroeder if Schroeder was, you know, all fucked up". 

the main set closed with three older songs "Deanna"/"The mercy seat"/"Papa won't leave you Henry", which the crowd of long-time fans received ecstatically.  even though I'm not a big fan of the song, "Papa won't leave you Henry" was the showstopper, with Nick screaming the lyrics, the crowd screaming back, light show, the works.

 after a few minutes the band returned for the encore.  a very rocking "Hard on for love" segued into "The Lyre of Orpheus" <— (to my mind, the low point of the show – round-peg-in-square-hole kind of thing), all of which was redeemed by the final song, a ditty about a bad motherfucker named "Stagger Lee".

 setlist:  <—- roughly

1. Hold on to yourself
2. Dig Lazarus dig!!!
3. Tupelo
4. The weeping song
5. Red right hand
6. Midnight man
7. Love letter
8. Into my arms
9. We call upon the author
10. Moonland
11. Deanna
12. The mercy seat

13. Papa won't leave you Henry

14. Hard on for love
15. Lyre of Orpheus
16. Stagger Lee

I leave you with the only motherfucker badder than Stagger Lee

  photo of Warren Ellis,

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Nick Cave, Nick Cave, Nick Cave, Nick Cave….

…in Philly, October 7th.  I couldn't be any more stoked. 

a musical genius and a styling sonofabitch.  plus an answer to one of the age-old questions: what to do when your hair starts thinning on top?   grow a porntastic mustache.  hell to the yeah.

Nicky and the Bad Seeds are touring behind "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!".  here's the video for that song

sadly he is not touring with Grinderman, his recent side project.  I've been watching the videos on YT and lmho.  cute animals doing not-so-cute things and Nick handling an ax.  plus already-mentioned porntastic mustache.

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