how very sad – Elizabeth and John Edwards

John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth just completed a press conference.  there had been rumors swirling that it had something to do with Elizabeth's health (she had breast cancer three years ago and after treatment was determined to be "completely cured"), and that John may end his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President in 2008.

the reliable folks at Wonkette (can't live without them) liveblogged the conference
among the major points:

– Elizabeth's cancer is back. in the bone. and most terrifying, Cancer is no longer curable … completely treatable.
 not curable?  that is bad… I feel so much for her.  I always thought she rocked.  Because its small size, we are optimistic … patients with this cancer have lived for years.   :(   I sure hope she does

– Campaign goes on. They have discussed it; not suspended, not put on hold.  We have no intention of cowering in the corner … they leave for Boston and California right after the press conference

I hope the best for her.

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