I questioned myself

Q. self, could I care less about the royal wedding?

A. no, don’t think I could.

time to turn off all mass media sources until April 30th.


QotD: Going for Broke

If you lost your job today and were forced to go on an extremely strict budget, what one indulgence would be the hardest to give up?

hookers and blow

Anything you'd find a way to continue splurging on from time to time?

that's what unemployment is for, son

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QotD: RIP J.D. Salinger

J.D. Salinger died this week at the age of 91. How many times have you read Catcher in the Rye? How did it impact your life? 

y'all know how much I dislike the QotD, but today it serves a purpose

among the avalanche of JDS obits, memories, remembrances, etc. I'll say this:  I read "Catcher , didn't relate to it at all,  found Holden annoying and whiny.  the Glass family stories are interesting. 

yet I got to tip my hat to JDS – when he ran out of things to say, he shut up.

may all of us be that smart

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not only has AllState hijacked the shadow-of-its-former-self qotd, but are also running creepy ads next to it.


I ain't clicking on the link, but the wording is rather Big Brotherish.   and for the record, AllState the company is teh suck.

edit:  apparently we are all seeing different ads on the VOX homepage.  to clarify, this is what I see:

edit May 7 2009 @18:07:  added screenshot of VOX homepage as it appears to me

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QotD: My 10 Thingies

What are 10 things you've done that other people probably haven't? 
Submitted by Janette

1. ate horse meat

2. attended a Presidential candidates press conference without any press credentials

3. been tear-gassed. Thrice

4. drove my WW Bug into the Caribbean sea to see if it could float.  yep

5. helped my mom fry dog food (kibble) and served it to my dad and his friends. they ate it. asked for more. that they were quite drunk may have helped.

6. got married at 10:00am on January 1st

7. stumbled across an animal sacrifice altar, in the woods, at dusk

8. was mistaken for press during the Florida vote recount

9. watched figure-8 races from the pits

10.went to an interview during a camping trip


shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

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